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Rhonda Smiley

1150 First Avenue #5228
King of Prussia, PA 19406
Phone: 866.381.8609
Fax: 877.283.6066
Email: Smiley@SmileyADR.com

We are committed to fair, fast, frugal resolution of business disputes. We subscribe to all ethical canons for arbitrators and mediators. Rhonda Smiley has deep substantive knowledge in a wide range of subjects, including: contract enforcement; contract breach; partnership disputes and dissolutions; shareholder disputes and corporate dissolutions; real estate sale and development disputes; mandatory real estate sale mediation; employment termination; employment discrimination; executive employment agreements and compensation disputes; noncompetition and nonsolicitation agreement enforcement; medical negligence and medical malpractice; nursing home negligence; medical staff arrangements; individual physician contracts; medical group contracts; insurance disputes; HIPAA; Stark Law; Anti-Kickback Law (AKS); general commercial disputes; and product liability. She also has limited experience in trademark and copyright law. She provides arbitration and mediation services in all of these areas throughout the United States.

She obtained a Certificate in International Commercial Arbitration from American University’s Washington College of Law in 2015. This intensive coursework focuses on the major treaties, laws, and issues affecting international commerce and arbitration. The complexity of the international legal environment provides just the right amount of extra challenge to keep her excited. Whether you are looking for a sole arbitrator or another member for a three-member panel, a mediator or a co-mediator, please consider us.


  • Certificate, Institute for International Commercial Arbitration, American University Washington College of Law, Feb. 2015
  • Sample AAA Arbitration Continuing Education: Exceeded Powers – Recent Trends in Cases Challenging Arbitrator Authority; Writing Arbitration Awards – A Guide for Arbitrators; How to Help Your Arbitrator; Winning at Arbitration – More than 30 Specific Tips for Advocates
  • Arbitration training, various, Texas Bar CLE, 2012-14, 20 hours
  • Mediation training, Northern Virginia Mediation Service, Inc., 2010, 40 hours
  • Sample Mediation Continuing Education: Gender in Mediation: Negotiation & The Gender Divide; Co-Mediation as a Valuable Settlement Technique; Psychological Barriers to Settlement; Best Practices in Commercial Mediation; Best Practices in Family Mediation; Negotiating for Dollars: Distributive Bargaining Techniques in Monetary Settlements
  • Arbitration and Mediation training, various, Missouri Bar CLE, 2006-09