Commercial Mediation

Commercial mediation is one of the most cost-effective and reasonable ways to resolve disputes. It benefits everyone involved in a dispute and avoids the disruption, expense, and frustration of taking a legal matter to court. A win-win approach is one of the primary reasons it is popular for businesses and individuals within the United States.

Mediation brings together both parties in a neutral environment. The process is overseen by a mediator who guides the discussion and ensures everyone stays focused on the matter at hand, without giving advice to either side. Mediators offer different techniques so be sure you pick one offering that you need. We generally perform facilitative mediation. This means the disputing parties remain in complete control of the outcome of their dispute. Unless both sides agree on the solution, the matter goes unresolved and parties are free to pursue other methods of dispute resolution within the applicable legal system.

The process of commercial mediation is confidential. This means all of the discussions held during the proceedings are out of the public eye. Not only does this put those involved more at ease, it also ensures that private and proprietary information can be discussed without concern for revealing anything important to the public.

If you are involved in a commercial dispute, Rhonda Smiley can help. She is an experienced mediator who has spent years helping businesses resolve legal matters efficiently and effectively.