International Commercial Mediation

Mediation is an effective method for resolving legal disputes of all kinds and international commercial disputes are no exception.

International business disputes are complicated and all too often, these quarrels disturb the beneficial relationships between business associates. Long-term, there is no benefit in “winning” a dispute against a business associate, especially when that relationship includes mutual financial benefits.

Unfortunately, as valuable as these relationships might be, disputes still arise. Finding a way to resolve these disputes as efficiently and with as little damage as possible to the business relationships is essential. International commercial mediation can help.

International commercial mediation takes into account all the nuances of international business relationships. These are some of the most complex disputes in the world and helping those involved find resolutions requires a great deal of skill and understanding. We can help.

Rhonda Smiley works with businesses to help find sensible solutions to international commercial disputes. She understands the complexities involved in international disputes and takes into account that communication and cultural differences sometimes can play a role in exacerbating a completely resolvable dispute. It is her goal to ensure that clients on both sides of issues find a way to work together and come up with the best possible solution to their problem.