Practice Areas

International Commercial Arbitration

Our international commercial arbitration services arose from training by some of the best in the field at American University Washington College of Law. We have expertise in a range of arbitration techniques, and we are able to assist companies from a variety of industries in resolving their most complicated issues. International proceedings are more complex than domestic arbitrations. Expectations may be different, and communication barriers can alter the direction of the process.Read More

International Commercial Mediation

Mediation is an effective method for resolving legal disputes of all kinds. International commercial disputes are no exception. International business disputes are complicated and all too often, these quarrels disturb the beneficial relationships between business associates. Long-term, there is no benefit in “winning” a dispute against a business associate, especially when that relationship includes mutual financial benefits.Read More


Arbitration is one of the most effective and increasingly popular methods for resolving disputes within the business community. It allows the parties to put in place an option for dispute resolution before a dispute arises, or after, and to choose a path that is less damaging than a public resolution in court. Arbitration is private and confidential, which is especially advantageous in commercial environments because so much of what is discussed is confidential and proprietary.Read More

Commercial Mediation

Commercial mediation is one of the most cost-effective and reasonable ways to resolve disputes. It benefits everyone involved in a dispute and avoids the disruption, expense, and frustration of taking a legal matter to court. A win-win approach is one of the primary reasons it is popular for businesses and individuals within the United States. Mediation brings together both parties in a neutral environment.Read More